Dragon Fire

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With its 85% carbon content, the Dita Dragon Fire Field Hockey Stick delivers maximum power without sacrificing forgiveness on traps, and its lightweight design included a little extra wight in the toe for added momentum on drives. It utilized a bow shape that provides extreme control and maneuverability, and it features a J shape head that offers the largest surface area, making it easier to get a touch on the ball. This stick delivers a performance as bold as it looks!


  • High carbon content for extreme power
  • Bow shape provides extreme control and maneuverability
  • J shape head offers the largest surface area for trapping the ball
  • Lightweight design with a little extra weight in the toe for added momentum on drives
  • Great for any position


  • Material: 85% Carbon, 15% Other
  • Experience: Advanced, Elite
  • Brand: Dita
  • Type: Outdoor
  • Toe Shape: J Shape
  • Bow Shape: 24mm